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We believe in staying in contact, to answer your questions regarding magnet therapy, after all we are not selling just toothpaste, we are working with you on the most valuable and irreplaceable thing you own - your body.

                                Sales : Helpline  01444 849198
                               Mobile: 07713 918880 - 24 hrs

We are always a phone call or email away from any questions you may have regarding your health. We hope our relationship with new customers will last for years and we become the 'port of call' for advice and honest recommendations.

We have the experience,  we have the products, we want your trust.

What you think about our new range
March 30th 2016
Hi Gloria,
Back Wrap
Well I ordered the body wrap from Ideal World and I don't know how to thank you. I wore it for 3 days solid and could not believe the relief I had. Just to check that it wasn't the hip injection that was working I left it off for 3 days. Today I went for my usual walk and rubbed in some Voltoral as I knew after a bath I am in difficulties (my shower is been upgraded) I was out for an hour oh the pain I was in was immense. I was nearly crying by the time I got home, I have put the Magnetic belt on straight away and know in a few hours I will be able to walk with a lot more comfort.  Once again,  THANK YOU!!!!!!  Cath.

It works!
We have sold over 200,000 of my products -  and they worked for you
When I launched my Magnet Therapy line on TV back in 2002
I promised to bring you the best chance of achieving the pain relief and the healing you looked for in magnet therapy.You listened to what we had to say, and we earned your trust over the years.
It was only when new regulations came to TV, that complementary medicine was silenced. Before that happened,on Ideal World alone, I had successfully sold over 200,000 items to our valued customers on my Magnet Therapy show. They used our products for arthritis, joint pain, migraine, back ache, sports injuries and many other types of pain caused by wear and tear or accidents.
Over the course of nearly 3 years, each and every item on Ideal World, carried a money back guarantee. You kept them, because they worked.
Please note there is no VAT applied to the prices, and therefore cannot be reclaimed.
We thank you!